Can you work at 15 in the mcdo with the consent of the parents? At 16, you can be a regular worker in McDonald`s chains. Regular work consists of performing assigned tasks outside of school holiday periods. However, your tasks will be restricted as some activities are prohibited. What you need to understand is that if you are a 16-year-old McDo employee, there are tasks that are inaccessible to you. Student job par excellence, the fast food chain knows how to adapt to the availability of all. Although work may seem superfluous to some, it provides a significant income. Every year it attracts young people who want to earn pocket money in their free time. But from what age is it possible to work? Can you work at McDonald`s when you`re 16? Theoretically, yes, as in all companies elsewhere (or almost). But what exactly does French law allow for in this regard? This is what we will try to explain to you. Hello it is possible for me to apply this summer I just turned 17 and I want to work during the holidays, so it is possible to work at McDo at the age of 16. However, the recruitment policy is not the same in all the brand`s restaurants. One director may authorize the recruitment of minors, another may not.

At 16, you can apply for jobs that are a little more serious. Many jobs are available to you, such as you can work in supermarkets, bakeries, factories or even in restaurants. So many possibilities that everyone can find their happiness. It is quite possible to work in this company at the age of 16. However, it should be noted that the hiring policy is not the same in all restaurants of the McDonald`s chain. While some managers are flexible in hiring 16-year-old employees, others may be much less flexible. Among other things, if you are between 16 and 17 years old and you want to do a job, a written agreement from your parents is mandatory. If you are between 14 and 15 years old, not only will you have to submit an application to the labour inspectorate, but your parents will also have to co-sign your employment contract. From the age of 16, it is possible to sign your employment contract alone. However, without the written consent of the parents, they have every right to have the contract terminated.

Some companies, such as McDonald`s, will therefore prefer to ensure the consent of legal representatives to avoid such a situation. I asked myself the same question, I want to work at mcdo during the holidays There is a minimum age that must be all those who want to work in a company. From the beginning, know that French legislation allows you to work from the age of 14. From this age, you can apply to any company. What is the manager`s job? The manager is a team leader. He is responsible for the organization and review of the work of the latter. He takes care of their planning, the distribution of missions, the revision of tasks, etc. To sign the contract, you do not need parental care at this age. Apart from that, you can sign your employment contract by yourself.

However, you must provide written permission from the parent or legal representative. You have the option to terminate your contract. As a result, companies like McDo prefer to ensure the effectiveness of parental consent to avoid unpleasant situations. In France, the law allows children to work from the age of 14! It is quite possible to work, but only during school holidays. For the employer, however, the restrictions are numerous. It should be noted that the confirmation of an employment contract for a young person under 16 years of age requires the signature of his parents or at least his legal representatives.